MGS in Spain:

MGS brings you another top destination the sunshine of Europe and its Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a worldwide famous city which attracts millions of visitors every year. Spain has a very rich culture and is indeed a very beautiful country.

European School of Economics – Madrid

Madrid is one of the fastest growing capitals of Europe. A typical "madrileño" day includes strolling among the cutting edge business buildings, sipping hot chocolate with churros at the historical centre, catching up with friends under the cooling shades of Retiro Park and enjoying the vibrant cultural life that permeates our world class museums. When the night comes, the clock keeps going: with a vast choice of concerts, theater plays and restaurant venues, Madrid can be counted amongst the cities that never sleep.

The ESE Madrid centre is fully equipped with modern lecture rooms, a student study area, computer lab, library and wireless internet access.

Global Business School – Barcelona

For future business leaders to succeed in this world of extraordinary challenges it will require new kinds of management skills and capabilities. At Global Business School Barcelona we are committed to providing our students with more exposure to global trends and cross cultural proficiency, to developing the capacity to communicate with people of different backgrounds, and the ability to feel at home everywhere in the world.


English Language Preparation

Bachelor courses in Business Administration:

1. BBA in Global Communications

2. BBA in Global Management

3. BBA in Global Marketing

4. BBA in Global Entrepreneurship

• MBA – Master in Business Administration

Master Degree Programs:

1. MSc in International Business Management

2. MSc in Entrepreneurship

3. MSc in Finance

4. MSc in Marketing

5. MSc in Operations Management