Mohar Global Services promotes international education and travel study in order to expand the international student mobility. MGS offers international education consultancy services to students and to promote associated educational institutes across the globe.

  • Call us today, we’ll be there tomorrow
  • MGS attract the right students to right schools
  • MGS bring the world closer through education
  • MGS establish reliance among schools and students
  • MGS aim to offer variety of wonderful opportunities to students
  • MGS aim to promote all opportunities of study or learning abroad
  • MGS provide worldwide education consultancy and promotion services
  • To offer maximum opportunities for the expansion of overseas education
  • Aim to reach good quality schools, colleges and universities across the world
  • To make the job of students and institutes easy with our promotional services
  • To establish a solid network on international education consultancy services worldwide

Mission Statement
Promotion of international education to encourage students to study abroad and provide them support throughout the students’ experience abroad.

Mohar Global Services strives to become the leading international support network for students and educational institutes worldwide.

Values Statements

  • To provide honest and consistent consultancy services on international education, international students’ mobility and travel Study, international student exchange programs and internships worldwide.
  • To establish long term trustworthy relations based on reliability, loyalty, truthfulness and sustainability.
  • MGS aims to execute total commitment by providing the best services on overseas education, international learning opportunities and educational mobility services to expand the knowledge horizon.
  • MGS wishes the satisfaction of international students and institutes by adding a value of trust and consistency with reliable services on overseas education.
  • MGS aims to establish bridges among the diverse multitude of cultures, regions and nationalities through its promotional and consultancy services for the growth of international education across the world.
  • MGS has no limits, but strives to bring every possible opportunity which takes a student to a new educational destination.

Additional Services
MGS aims to organize educational trips to harness the students with different cultures, norms, values, religions and history for a better understanding of their new surroundings. Furthermore, MGS wishes to develop and improve the international interaction through education.

What we do!
MGS-Let’ promotes international education and travel study in order to expand the international student mobility. MGS offers international educational consultancy services to students and promotes associated educational institutes across the globe.


  • Worldwide educational opportunities
  • Wide range of international programs
  • Educational & Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Full study programs and exchange possibilities
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Voluntary projects
  • Study tours
  • Internships
  • Housing

Rise above yourself! Studying abroad is a wonderful and lifetime experience in order to expand horizons of mind and to gain knowledge. It helps to experience a new world and explore interesting cultures from across the globe. It also helps to learn several different languages as well as to travel the beautiful world. Making friends from all around the world and expanding international network is another advantage of studying at an international destination. Studying abroad is an excellent decision because it provides proper self-esteem and helps to gain personal development and growth. By taking the opportunity to study in a different country one does not only get to see different places, but also takes an active part in everyday activities. This makes it easy to integrate into the society. Furthermore, another possibility is to witness a new weather and climate and to take part in different sports. While studying overseas one can taste the delicious cuisine from different parts of the world and let others know about home cuisine. The whole experience of studying abroad is indeed very gratifying and enriching because it offers international exposure, self-confidence and opens the door for the global job market.

MGS Schools:

  • BERJAYA University College of Hospitality, Malaysia
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  • Bond University English Language Institute (BUELI) Queensland, Australia
  • Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC), Ireland
  • European School of Economics New York, USA
  • English Language School Manchester, UK
  • European School of Economics, Italy
  • Global Business School Barcelona, Spain
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Holland.
  • Internships in Australia and New Zealand
  • German Language School – Sprachschule Aktiv Freising
  • MODUL University Vienna, Austria
  • Nicosia University, Cyprus
  • New European College Munich, Germany
  • Royal Business College, New Zealand
  • Stenden University, The Netherlands
  • Sheridan College Toronto, Canada
  • SEGi University, Malaysia
  • Stenden University, South Africa
  • Stenden University , Qatar, Thailand & Bali (Indonesia)
  • The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai
  • University of Seattle/City Unity College Athens, Greece
  • Universal Learning Institute British Columbia, Canada