MGS in Hungary:

Hungary is a beautiful country in Central Europe with its well reputed international education. Hungary is a member of the European Union with great cultural heritage and quality of education. Studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics is once in a life time experience.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), founded in 1782, is one of the largest higher educational institutions in engineering in Central Europe. Budapest is the vibrant capital city of Hungary with around two million inhabitants.

 Budapest University of Technology & Economics:

MGS brings you Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME) which is a top class University. Budapest University of Technology & Economics holds an international reputation for excellence in engineering education. It attracts professors and students from all over the world. BME is proud of  its international professors and our international students. BME considers its role as to develop international relations in favour of improvement of expertise, knowledge and international reputation of professors, researchers and students. Studying at BME certainly is an excellent decision.

BSc Degree programs in English 

1. Architecture

2. Civil Engineering

3. Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

4. Electrical Engineering and Informatics

5. Mechanical Engineering

MSc Programmes

1. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Modeling)

2. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (above 70% or good result)

3. Faculty of Chemical Technology

4. Faculty of Civil Engineering (September intake only)

5. Transportation Engineering 6. Architecture