MGS in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands also known as Holland or Nederland in local Dutch language is located in North-Western Europe with its borders to North Sea to the north and Belgium on the South and Germany to the East. The country is famous for its flowers, wood and cheese and beautiful bridges on water across the country. Dutch people are very friendly and open. Netherlands has a wonderful world-class education offered in English to all international students from across the world. MGS strongly recommend everyone to take the opportunity to study in the Netherlands.

Situated no more than a few hours travel from the major cities Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin, the Netherlands is definitely your ”Gateway to Europe”. MGS represent two world class schools in the Netherlands (Holland).

  • Stenden University of Applied Science
  • Hanze University of Applied Science Groningen

 In Europe, and in particular in the Netherlands, ‘Universities of Applied Sciences’ is a term that refers to institutions of higher education offering profession-oriented study programmes.

Stenden University of Applied Science

Stenden University of Applied Sciences (formerly known as CHN) with its main campus in Leeuwarden, is a dynamic and truly international institute. With approximately 10,000 students of which 25% is coming from outside the Netherlands, Stenden is one of the most international places to study in Europe. Stenden hosts the largest hotel management & tourism management studies university in Europe and also offers management studies in the fields of leisure, business, logistics, retail and media and entertainment.

Students get the opportunity to spend half or full semester in one of our 4 campus sites in the world, go on a 10-months paid internship in the final year of their programme or join our exchange programme by studying at one of our 100+ partner institutes in over 20 countries, amongst them USA, UK, Canada and France.

Stenden Bachelors: BBA Programs

1. International Hotel Management

2. International Business and Management Studies

3. International Business and Languages

4. Information Technology (IT)

5. International Logistics Management

6. International Tourism Management

7. Media and Entertainment Management

8. Applied Business Administration

9. Leisure Management

10. Small Business and Retail Management

Double degree (Holland & UK) Master Programs: 

1. International Service Management

2. International leisure & Tourism Management

3. International Events Managements

Hanze University of Applied Science Groningen

Hanze is the largest University of Applied Science in the North Holland. Although it may sound strange to foreign ears, the name ‘Hanze’ is well known in the north-western part of Europe. It refers to the Hanseatic League, the medieval trade alliance of cities in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, and the Baltic Area. The city of Groningen has an age-old tradition of being a centre of trade, but also one of knowledge, science and culture. Groningen is the second oldest university town in the Netherlands and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is proud to carry on this tradition.

In the course of its history, this university has built up a reputation of being truly international and it has wonderful campuses in the beautiful city of Groningen. The programmes at Hanze are practically oriented and prepare students directly for careers in several sectors as economics and business administration, engineering and technology, commerce, finance, leisure, tourism, marketing, and health care.  

Hanze Bachelors Programs:

11. Advanced Sensor Applications

12. Facility Management (International Facility Management)

13. International Business and Management Studies

14. Internationale Betriebswirtschaft German taught programme (BW)

15. Communication (International Communication Major)

16. Physiotherapy

17. Academy Minerva, School of Fine Art and Design

18. Classical Music (Prince Claus Conservatoire)

19. Jazz (Prince Claus Conservatoire)

20. International Civil Engineering Management (two-year programme)

21. International Construction Management (two-year programme)

Double degree (Holland & UK) MA & MBA Programs:

4. European Master in Renewable Energy

5. Interactive Media and Environments (Master of Fine Arts)

6. Master International Communication

7. MBA in International Business and Management  

8. Music

9. Painting (Master of Fine Arts)

10. Scenography (Master of Fine Arts)