MGS in Greece:

Greece is beautiful country located in Southeast Europe and Athens is the largest city and the capital of the country. Greece is a member state of European Union and its currency is Euro. In multi-colored beautiful Greece MGS brings City Unity College Athens – Greece.

City Unity College Athens

City Unity College (former City University of Seattle in Athens) is one of the most contemporary Colleges in Athens. It was established in 1999 as an official branch (teaching location) of City University of Seattle (USA), an American Accredited University with more than 25 teaching locations worldwide. 

City Unity College has expanded its academic partnerships and offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in the fields of Business Administration, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Technology, Psychology, Education, Maritime, Sport Sciences, Graphic Arts and Interior Design. 

Computer Sciences:

  • BSc in Information Systems
  • MSc – Master of Sciences in Computer Systems

Business & Finance:

  • BA in Management
  • BSc in Accounting
  • BSc in Business Administration
  • BSc in Business Studies
  • MBA – Master in Business Administration

Hospitality & Tourism Management:

  • BA (Hons) in International Events & Conventions Management
  • BA (Hons) in International Food & Beverage Management
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management
  • MA in International Hospitality and Tourism Leadership

Psychology & Education:

  • BA in Applied Psychology
  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • MA in Special Education Needs

Department of Journalism & Social Media:

  • BSc in Communications – Social Media (4 years)
  • Diploma in Sports Journalism (2 years)
  • Diploma in Social Media (3 months)
  • Professional Diploma in Media (1 year)

Art & Design (3 years)

  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design