united states experiences2Ariel Gould – United States

Hello! My name is Ariel Gould and I am originally from the United States. Thanks to MGS-Let’s Go Study Abroad, I was able to find a university that best fit what I was looking for and to start my next academic journey. This September I’ve begun my master’s study at Stenden University in the Netherlands. So far the experience has been wonderful. I think that pursuing my education abroad, and at an international university, was the best decision I’ve ever made. Getting the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and getting to understand the different cultures is a great experience. I’ve surrounded myself with people from all different backgrounds and have already made some great friends. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time abroad and will conclude by saying that I believe that it is crucial for every student to study abroad at some point during their education, as it will make you a better-rounded person and will also open so many doors for your future.”

1Jasmin Seppanen – Finland

I am Jasmin from Finland, I am delighted that MGS Let’s Go Study Abroad help me to find a great University and a good bachelor course in the Netherlands. It was very easy and smooth procedure and I am very happy about the decision I made. I would strongly recommend all other students to apply for international courses and experience something really great.



2Livia Arndt – Germany

International education is the best opportunity for young people to get to know new cultures, religions and people. I am Livia from Germany and I have studied in the Netherlands & Bali which was the best decision I could have made. It is a once in a lifetime experience, I will never regret. Seeing how different lifestyles can be, is amazing and sometimes it changes your mind by start making you more appreciating what you have or do. Working and studying where people spend their holidays makes life more relaxed and comfortable for you. Step out of you comfort zone and make your own unique experience with Let’s Go Study Abroad!

4Hussam Ahmed – Saudi Arab

I went to United States from Saudi Arabia for higher international education abroad and it was a great experience in my life. I got to know many people from different countries around the world in one place. It also allows me to understand many cultures as well and also value my own culture. The only thing that I can Say is “Study Abroad is Great.” Studying abroad at University of Wisconsin Stout was a memorable experience in my life.



3Willemijn de Boer – The Netherlands

Studying abroad was the best choice I made in my life! Studying abroad and meeting a lot of different people was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. Next to all the animals of the big five I saw a great nature and an even greater culture. It was amazing and no one can take it from me anymore. Going to another country to study & travel is an amazing thing to do therefore I urge students to explore the beautiful world and cultures while studying abroad. Go online at letsgostudyabroad.com and let’s all go study abroad 🙂