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Studying abroad is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. Making friends from all over the world and expanding your international network is just one of the advantages of studying overseas. You will be able to study at one of the best educational institutes and have the opportunity to travel and see all of the beautiful aspects of the destination of your choice.

By opting to apply for international studies, you choose to extend your possibilities in terms of personal development and social networking, which will increase your career opportunities in the global job market. All of these multiple opportunities will provide you with proper self-esteem and confidence to be a successful human being in every way.

We at Mohar Global Services are here to guide you along the way in every step. MGS takes pride in assisting and helping genuine students. We wish to offer you all the support you need and we will answer all of your questions. By choosing us as your support network we will make sure this experience is going to be valuable and enriching throughout.

How it works

MGS will guide you from your first inquiry and answer all your questions until you decide on an academic course and country of your choice.

Furthermore, MGS will help and support you in admissions, visa arrangements and housing abroad. MGS has its criteria for selecting students; therefore, all potential students have to go through a screening procedure to evaluate their eligibility. MGS assists student admission through the following steps.

Step 1. MGS’ telephone interview with the student.

Step 2. MGS’ Skype interview with the student.

Step 3. Student and guardian’s signing the guarantee and assurance statement.

Step 4. Continuation of the admission & visa process via MGS Netherlands.

MGS does not promise any letter of offer on behalf of any institute. MGS also does not guarantee any visa success on behalf of any immigration authorities. We select our students carefully which is why we have introduced a screening procedure in order to make sure our admission and student visa success is 100%. MGS will charge you for consultancy services.

Rise above yourself

Studying at an international college or university in a new country is a wonderful and lifetime experience.

It benefits to understand a new world and explore interesting cultures from across the globe. It also enables international students to learn several different languages as they travel around world. Making friends from all around the world is another advantage of studying at an international destination.

Studying overseas is an excellent option because it gives you a new prospect of life and helps you to advance personal development and growth. By welcoming the opportunity to study in a different country, one does not only get to see different places, but also takes an active part in everyday activities. Furthermore, you will witness a new weather and climate and to take part in different sports.

While studying overseas one can taste the delicious cuisines from different parts of the world and introduce home cuisine to others. The entire experience of studying at an international destination is indeed gratifying and enriching. This unique venture offers you international exposure self-confidence and opens countless doors of international opportunities.


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Lena Smith

International education was the best thing ever for me and students should be thankful to MGS. I’ve surrounded myself with people from all different backgrounds and have already made some great friends.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time abroad and will conclude by saying that I believe that it is crucial for every student to study abroad at some point during their education, as it will make you a better-rounded person and will also open so many doors for your future.

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Ksenia Simakova

It is so amazing to see the cultural differences between countries, and even more amazing to learn and understand the different ways of people do things.

There are three things in life that no one can take away - memories, experiences, and education. I am grateful to take away all three from this adventure and they have lead to the person I am today. So... Be courageous. Be open. Be a citizen of the world. Be humbled. Many thanks to MGS - let's go study abroad for meaningful guidence.

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Mohsin Rasheed

I am Mohsin and I’d like to thanks MGS-Let’s Go Study Abroad, I was able to find a university that best fit what I was looking for and to start my next academic journey. So far the experience has been wonderful.

I think that pursuing my education abroad, and at an international university, was the best decision I’ve ever made. Getting the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and getting to understand the different cultures is a great experience.

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Julia Koch

International education is a great and breathtaking experience. I think every student should go and experience the beautiful world to grow and learn from different cultures, values, believes and regions.

Let’s Go Study Abroad.com is wonderful start and students from across the world should totally be glad to have them to serve you. Everyone who has the chance and opportunity to study abroad. , I have only one suggestion for you, DO IT! it’s a must do!




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